Friday, August 17, 2007

Weekend opining

Saturday's editorial page weighs in on the continuing sage with the Anniston school board and its superintendent:
A surprising ambivalence bubbled up during the Anniston Board of Education meeting on Thursday night.

Also Saturday, Columnist Joe Galloway doesn't hold back when writing about Karl Rove's exit:
The man has all the charisma and charm and inherent kindness of a spitting cobra and nothing so graces the White House in six years as Karl Rove leaving it.

In Sunday's Insight section, Laura Tutor writes about the Coosa Valley Youth Services:
This is home, for a time, and it’s a spot in Alabama that state and regional criminal justice officials look at to see how successful gender-specific reform programs are at interrupting cycles of crime.
The only problem, its director says, is that no one with the program has come up with a way to consistently measure that success. They don’t have the money or the people to track the dozens of girls who come through, and the state of Alabama can’t afford to measure its success, either.

Also, in connection with the start of The Star's series starting on Page 1A Sunday, the LaRue family of Anniston gives us a first-hand account of home schooling. Parents Mark and Amy write:
Home schooling had always been in the back of our minds as an option but we wanted to explore the traditional public and private education choices first. Like most parents, we wanted our little nuclear family to become a more centered and closer unit. To do this we needed to exercise our faith together but, we, also needed to spend more quality time as well as increase the quantity of time together. That just wasn’t happening.