Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coming Wednesday on the editorial/op-ed pages

Like baseball? The Star's editorial board does, so Wednesday we're opining on the possibility of doing more than honoring baseball legend Ty Cobb in Anniston:

In all fairness to Cobb, there’s much more to Anniston’s baseball history than a future hall-of-famer who played only a handful of games here.
So, a suggestion: Why not honor all of Anniston’s professional baseball history? How about a plaque at Johnston Field — where Anniston High School plays its games — that brings attention to the professionals who played there and the fans who cheered Anniston’s teams on sultry summer nights?
We're also taking a look at the health of the State Children's Health Insurance Program:

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program is a success story. For 10 years, it has helped families stuck in the middle — they earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but can’t afford private insurance. While SCHIP has worked at keeping kids healthy, particularly in Alabama, more work remains.
On the op-ed page, columnist Hardy Jackson is diving into evolution and the Bible. Watch out:

It almost made me want to retreat into the certainty of Biblical literalism, which has everything starting with man and woman in the garden and coming up from there. Only (author Hal) Crowther says that won’t work because after Cain slew Abel he took off east for the land of Nod where he “knew” a lady.
Now, where did she come from? I thought everybody was supposed to be back with Adam and Eve?
And columnist Cal Thomas is weighing on Democrats, Republicans and the British government:

Democrats love it when Republicans focus only on cutting taxes, because it cedes to them the “fairness issue.” Focusing on waste, fraud and abuse, which admittedly some Republicans have been guilty of in the recent past, could restore the GOP to its previous position as guardian of our pockets and purses against the overreaching hand and insatiable appetite of government. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, government never thinks it spends too little or taxes too much.

It's all there Wednesday, plus the survey results from the Pew Center we mentioned in an earlier post.