Friday, August 31, 2007

Coming Saturday on the editorial page

The Star's editorial board is addressing this week's news about Anniston's 2008 proposed budget -- a budget that contains no cuts and several other items of interest:
It didn’t warrant front-page news in The Star on Thursday when reporter Dan Whisenhunt wrote about the City of Anniston’s $32 million budget proposal for the coming year. To reuse the optimistic words of George Monk, the city manager: “My hope is the proposal is fairly vanilla.”
Monk may get his wish, though you can never count out acrimony and surprise when dealing with Anniston’s council.
Syndicated columnist Joe Galloway is, as usual, weighing in on the week it was involving the Iraq War and President Bush:
This week we saw two President Bushes in action. In a news conference in Canada, he acknowledged that while security has improved somewhat thanks to the surge, the Iraqis have made little progress toward meeting the benchmarks. Two days later, speaking at the national VFW convention in Kansas City, the president spoke at length about the need to stay the course in Iraq indefinitely.
We'll also have our normal fare of letters to the editor.