Wednesday, August 29, 2007

(My)Spacing out

If, like millions of people around the world, you're a user of the social networking site MySpace, you can now find The Star there.

We set up a MySpace profile for the paper in June, and have been biding our time since. Now we're finally making ourselves available to other users. Anyone who stops by our profile can find a list of stories we think they'd be interested in, with links to the paper's Web site. We'll also use the profile to send users to our blogs, including this one, and other content.

We looked around first at what other papers have done with MySapce, including The Albuquerque (N.M.) Tribune and The Richmond (Ind.) Palladium-Item, and a host of alternative weeklies. Like those papers, we're hoping to connect with younger people for whom the daily newspaper, or even the paper's Web site, isn't a daily habit.