Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coming Friday

Here's what the metro staff is working on for tomorrow's paper:
  • The Anniston Board of Education meets tonight at 6 p.m., and the job of Superintendent Sammy Lee Felton could hinge on what happens there. Two weeks ago, two members of the board voted for a motion to explore ways to end Felton's contract, tying with two who voted against the measure. Board member Bob Etnire, who missed that meeting and has sided in the past with the members seeking to oust Felton, is back. Board President Vivian Thompson, who has supported Felton, will miss tonight's meeting. Education writer Steve Ivey will be there to see what happens. Check tonight at for the latest.
  • The price per gallon just keeps going up, forcing some families to adjust their habits. Gasoline? No, we're talking about milk. Staff writer Sara Polsky examines why what does a body good isn't doing a wallet any good right now.
  • There's someone new at the wheel of the region's economic engine today. Col. Alexander Raulerson handed over command of the Anniston Army Depot to Col. Sherry Keller, who will be the 31st person - and the first woman - the lead the Army post. Staff writer Dan Whisenhunt was there for the passing of the torch today.