Friday, August 31, 2007

Riley on stage at The Star

Gov. Bob Riley was in town Thursday -- he was plugging the East Alabama Action Commission -- and was gracious enough to stop by The Star for a somewhat impromptu editorial board meeting. As usual, it was worth the price of admission.

Whether you're a D or R, a Riley supporter or not, say this much about him: He's comfortable speaking about our state. Our meeting was off the record, so we'll honor that and not post here was said there; how's that for journalistic (or blogging) ethics? But trust us -- it was entertaining and enlightening. We're glad he stopped by.

As someone said as the gov'ner was leaving, Riley could sell the promise of Alabama to people in Germany (or elsewhere in Europe) more than he can sell the promise of Alabama to people in parts of his own state. That's a compliment, and a testiment to his record of international industrial recruitment. And it's true, too.

Hopefully he'll come back soon.