Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coming Wednesday on the editorial/op-ed pages

Sometimes things are planned. Sometimes they fall together with little, or no, planning on editors' parts. We'll let our readers decide which one it is Wednesday.

Our editorial page is carring a three-part package about the on-going situation involving the revamping of Alabama's two-year college system. We're publishing two editorials that try to explain what's gone on so far and what we feel should happen in the coming weeks. See what you think.

But that's not all. (Here's the planning part.) We've also received an op-ed column by Paul Hubbert, the Alabama Education Association executive secretary, who doesn't necessarily agree with our take about the two-year system. So we're giving that to readers, as well.

On the op-ed page, it's columnist Hardy Jackson's day to shine. He's talking about sleaze, and how he likes it. (Really.)