Friday, August 24, 2007

Coming Saturday on the editorial page

Following the action of the Anniston Board of Education on Thursday, The Star's editorial board is examining the upcoming search for the school system's new superintendent:
The students and faculty in Anniston need a leader who can caress when needed, can scold when it’s appropriate, and is not afraid to open his or her office door and let the community see the head of Anniston’s schools leading by example. Former Superintendent Sammy Felton rarely, if ever, did that – and as a result, we still hardly know him. He made things much more difficult than they needed to be.
The future of Anniston’s schools is now. It’s up to the Anniston Board of Education to kick-start that future. It can’t afford to make a mistake.

Syndicated columnist Joseph Galloway is weighing in on what was a not-so-impressive week for the Bush administration in terms of the Iraq War:
President Bush pleaded for the patience he said is needed to win in Iraq, and surprisingly put forward the example of the Vietnam War and our withdrawal from there after 10 years and 58,249 dead American troops as a reason why we must stick to our guns in Iraq.
He trotted out his administration’s now shopworn fear tactics, arguing that persisting in this senseless war will prevent a massacre of millions in Iraq and attacks on us at home by a reinvigorated al-Qaida.
The more things change in this administration, the more they stay the same.

We'll also have our normal letters to the editor package and a roundup of editorials from newspapers across Alabama.