Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Coming Thursday on the editorial/op-ed pages

If you like to sink your teeth into meaty subjects -- OK, that's a bit over the top, but it sounds good -- then pick any of The Star's offerings on Thursday.

On the editorial page:
-- Our editorial on the news that a column ghost-written for Jacksonville State University President Bill Meehan contained plagiarized material. Meehan himself did not plagiarize, but doesn't it open a serious discussion about the negative light such a story places on Meehan and the university?
-- Our editorial on last Sunday's GOP presidential debate and the needless tendency to scare Americans with rhetoric about terrorism.
-- A well-done Speaker's Stand about last weekend's Woodstock 5K in Anniston.

On the op-ed page:
-- Columns on important international issues from The Star's wire services and the popular Views of the World -- a collection of editorial cartoons from around the globe.

And permit us to offer a shameless plug for two of Friday's offerings: My weekly op-ed column (as yet unwritten, but I'll make deadline, I promise), and the column by Baptist Pastor James Evans, one of our syndicated columnists.