Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where to play Barry?

How to play the new homerun record? That's easy enough if your Barry Bonds' hometown paper. But what about here in Alabama? It's front-page news, but just how big is it compared to the state's heat wave? Or the start of high school and college football practice? (It is Alabama, after all.)
A survey of Alabama papers at the Newseum's Web site showed that most papers in the state put the record-setting homer on page one, but not as the dominant item, which is what The Star did. Others -- Mobile and Tuscaloosa - made an equally valid call in putting Bonds' achievement as the top item on the front page.
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One other note: We'll ask Bill Edwards, the master of our archives, to search back to the April 9, 1974 edition to see how The Star played Hank Aaron beating Babe Ruth's HR record.