Monday, August 20, 2007

Coming Tuesday on the editorial page

The Star's editorial board is weighing in on recent alcohol-related voting measures in three different locations in Alabama:

The fact remains that in two instances voters were more comfortable with progress as defined by once-taboo liquor sales than with the more traditional sales taxes.
Also, our editorial board is tackling the issue of the difference between Republicans and Democrats -- if there is a real difference, that is:
A lot of folks used to think George Wallace was right when he said there “wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference” between Republicans and Democrats, and maybe back then there wasn’t. But today, in the heated partisan atmosphere on Capital Hill, you can see party lines forming and holding. And no state’s divided delegation holds to party loyalty more than Alabama’s.
We also have our normal letters to the editor package, Eugene Robinson's Tuesday column, and an absolutely hilarious editoral cartoon about Hillary Clinton's cleavage. Really.