Thursday, August 02, 2007

Coming Friday

Here's a bit of what the metro staff is working on for tomorrow's paper:
  • After last night's tragedy in Minnesota, it must be impossible to drive across a bridge anywhere in America today without wondering if it's safe. Capital Correspondent Markeshia Ricks is checking in today with the Alabama Department of Transportation's Bridges Bureau to learn how often our spans are inspected and what the inspectors find. The Federal Highway Administration has a lot of information online here.
  • Nan Christian, the longtime director of Interfaith Ministries, has retired. Staff Writer Bill Edwards looks at how she got involved helping poor and disadvantaged families in Calhoun County, and what the organization will do without here.
  • It's been a dry summer in Alabama, to say the least. Lawns and gardens everywhere have felt the pain, as cities ramped up watering restrictions. In Jacksonville, the police are patrolling to make sure everyone's abiding by the restrictions, and they can write tickets to those who water on the wrong side of the law. Staff Writer Matt Kasper takes a look at this painful state of affairs.
That's just a sample, so be sure to check out the whole paper and all the offerings on our Web site.