Thursday, August 23, 2007

Music to our ears update

I'm bleary-eyed from staying awake and wracking my brain trying to think of the proper name for The Star's new music blog. I'm also stumped and tired.

Yesterday, The Star's newsroom spent ample time bantering around ideas. Every time we thought of a possible moniker, we looked it up and found it was already taken. Rats! "Tune In" was taken. "On Tune" was taken. "Note this" was taken. I'm starting to think we're gonna have to name it "Star's Music Blog" or something benign like that. If so, I'll get over it.

(Woofer -- a.k.a., features writer Brett Buckner, half of the "Woofer and Tweeter" gang -- kept trying to steer us toward something inappropriate, but we perservered by shooing him back to his desk.)

So, we're still searching for the best name. The field's wide open.

Now, back to my coffee.