Saturday, August 25, 2007

Take ... my book ... out to the ball game

Greetings, sports fans! If you can peel yourself away from the fine sports pages our sports department has been working on so feverishly lately and from the actual sports that are being played out in murderous heat, you can plop down in a comfy recliner with a cold drink and the A/C going at full blast to enjoy this week's Bookshelf picks. Art Gould has put together a full lineup of reads that cover baseball, golf, and various sports highlights. One book he reviewed even tells you the official rules of baseball. (Note: I learned that the official rule isn't to bark "Play ball!" at the beginning of a game, but only "Play!" ... Reminds me that the famous "quote" "Play it again, Sam" isn't actually spoken in "Casablanca," just "Play it again.")
Also have John Vanderford's nice review of Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy's book that's on the bestseller list right now. Very personal, as well as football/sports-related.
Lots of good things are happening in the reading community. First Christian Church of Anniston is starting up another round of book groups, with the information on our page, and our area book clubs have been busy. Three met together this week to discuss Georgia author Ferrol Sams' new book Down Town. (And yes, it's two separate words rather than just one, as I found out this week, and you'll have to read the very amusing book to find out why.)
Have a good week; may you find/make time to read something that elevates you (preferably above the heat).