Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Coming Thursday

Here's what The Star's metro staff is working on for tomorrow's paper:
  • Alabama may be the butt of plenty of trailer-park jokes, but the state does have standards when it comes to manufactured, mobile housing. Those standards are high enough that decades-old trailers being shipped out of Georgia aren't welcome here. There are 10 parks in Cleburne county that are in violation one way or another, and Talladega County is having issues as well, according to intern Christina Smith.
  • Wedowee, meanwhile, is having housing developments of a completely different nature. The city is watching a subdivision of $500,000 homes being built. The development has the potential to transform the city's budget, and if built-out according to plans, could double the size of the city. Staff Writer Andy Johns is all over that one.
  • Alabama's two-year college system is about to get a dose of reform. New system chancellor Bradley Byrne introduced a number of measures at a press conference today, including a ban on state legislators holding jobs with the system, and tight checks on time off to prevent employees holding no-pay jobs elsewhere. Capital Correspondent Markeshia Ricks checks in from Montgomery with the news.
All that, and the tale of a missing, 28-foot-tall, inflatable purple gorilla. We're not making this stuff up, folks.